Control your Cards, Protect your Money

Putting the power to control which transactions are either allowed or disallowed on your credit, debit and in-store cards back into your hands! - Tranwallet

ATM withdrawals

Control when cash can be withdrawn from your cards using an ATM. Only enable “ATM Withdrawals” when you're actually withdrawing cash. If you didn't enable it, nobody can use it to withdraw your cash, even if your card has been cloned or stolen - even if the thief knows your PIN!

In-Store Purchases

Only turn “In-Store Purchases” on when you're about to pay for those shiny new sneakers, or that special dinner. This way your card can only be used when you're about to pay in-store. If you didn't enable your card, nobody can use your card in any store, to purchase anything!

Online Purchases

So you're shopping online, buying a bestseller from Amazon or ordering that laptop from the Apple iStore. No problem. Only activate your card for online purchases when you're checking out. That way, only you can use your card when you're actually buying something online!

Foreign Transactions
Foreign Transactions

We all love to travel, but hate the inconvenience of contacting or visiting the bank to enable our card for international usage, never mind the inconvenience when you’re traveling and your purchases are declined. With Tranwallet, simply enable your card for international use, select your destination, and shop to your hearts content!

Telephone Orders
Telephone Orders

You're starving, and call your local pizza delivery service to order a pepperoni-pizza. They ask you for your card number. Don't worry! You can confidently give the details over the phone because using Tranwallet you can allow for just a single Telephone Order to be approved.

Allow Limit
Allow Limit

Worried that this amazing software is going to get in the way of your daily micro purchases? Don’t stress out! Just set your “Allow Limit” to $25 and all transaction under $25 will not require interaction from you. Alternatively have every transaction require your scrutiny and set the “Allow Limit” to $0.