Tranwallet Privacy Policy

Who we are

Tranwallet is a smartphone app published by Tranwall Limited. Tranwallet operates in partnership with participating payment card issuers, typically financial institutions such as banks or credit providers.

Tranwallet operates as a front-end to these financial institutions, with the majority of collected data being by the financial institutions and stored on their servers. You MUST already have a pre-existing relationship with one of these financial institutions in order to activate you card in our app. Your relationship with any financial institution is direct and any data held by the partner would be subject to your relationship with them.

Personal data that we collect and why

How we protect this data

Disclosure to third parties

The only third party to whom your personal data is disclosed is your financial institution.

Your rights

How to contact us

You are welcome to contact Tranwallet Support at


There have been no changes to this policy since it was first published.